Friday 29 May 2009

Old Man Dies in Park After Falling from Bicycle

A 62-year old man has died today in Dublin city centre after falling from his bicycle. The man, aged 62, was last heard mumbling "This won't do" as his body tumbled from the bike in a hysterical mess, and decided to arrange his corpse in a neat fashion upon landing, so as not inconvenience his family and expediate his burial.

The immediate family were called to the accident to identify the 62 year-old man and to confirm that his trouser, tie, and short-sleeve shirt were appropriate attire for a summer funeral for the 62 year-old.

Details will be given later today as to the exact cause of who spilled my yogurt drink at lunch.

Thursday 28 May 2009

The R520 Twitter Spasm

The R520 has blasted rockets into Web 2.4 Realms by entering into the mind-fest of Twitter Land. Bored with the everyday approach of aiming larynx vibrations at humoid ears, the R520 members have decided to binarise their fingers taps and directed them at corneas of world-fillers space-wide.

Follow the neural-tweets of many-a-man at

Sunday 24 May 2009

Father Collins Park Clongriffin

I wanted to link to this album now, to show that members of the public should be allowed enjoy a new public park before some seasonal politician gets to open it on a week day while the rest of us are in work...

The new Father Collins park in Clongriffin has shaped up really well. What used to be tufts of over-growth filled with burned-out cars and mopeds has turned into a new self-sustaining eco-recreation zanafroid, with pendulous energy swings.

A lot of the flora has been preserved around the edges, which is home to fauna (mainly hares). The water system has been designed to be home to water wildlife.

Also, annual update lol