Friday 28 March 2008

Man wears thong; children see the world for what it is

The BBC report of a David Batchelor (I wonder if he's married?) who wandered about his property wearing only a thong that was put on backwards, 'which left his genitals partly exposed', while large groups of children passed by. No one bothered asking any of the children for any words their brains might have pushed through their gobs to describe the incident or how they felt, but one twit said, "The witnesses were alarmed by his actions and concerned for the children who had passed."

When asked to comment on his actions, Mr. Batchelor said, 'I don't know. I was just feeding the birds...'

Chuck Talk, of the Children's Organisation against Criminal Kicks (C.O.C.K.) laments the fact that this is a regular occurance about residential estates situated near schools. "It's hard to take, but there's a certain psychology that seeps into the locals who see kids on a daily basis." Talk believes it goes further. "The kids are a regular sight, like the trees , and these people think they can do what they like around them. But there's a difference between kids and trees. For example, you wouldn't rip off a kid's hand and wipe your ass with it. This is one of the things that the government need to education people on."

In other news, it's my last day in work! Yipee!