Wednesday 4 July 2007

Nazis invade Live. Forza creator's vision shat upon.

Source: Destructoid

Dan Greenawalt, the director of Forza Motorsport 2, had a vision. He wanted car-geeks and game-geeks to geek together under the hood of uber geek machine, the 360. He wants gamers to get into cars, and he wanted mechanics to get into games. One of the mechanics (pun!) used in implementing this vision was create a community that would allow users to promote, customise, share, and even auction off their own cars. Apparently (I only played the demo) the paint customising options in Forza allow people to create near replicas of the Mona Lisa on the cars. This gives the users the ability to create the most stylish, most sought-after cars in the community.

And then above happened. I'm sure Mr. Greenwalt is double-thinking the idea of giving so many people a public platform to express themselves on. This freedom of expression sort of reminds me when Animal Crossing on the DS told a girl to go suck it out of a donkey's.