Thursday 31 May 2007


Cyriak is an unemployed (still!?) Brighton-based graphic designer / animator. His website's pretty nifty, but of great interest are his animated gifs, which are great for sticking on your phone as a screen saver and making people go "oMg wTF!?" as you casually put it into your pocket.

So, the internet as a career launch pad... Why the shit amen't I famous yet!?

Iraq? No(r)way!!

A recently published report confirmed Iraq as a dangerous shit hole and Norway as "le place du safe du le monde".

Of the 121 countries surveyed, the most dangerous listed were:

112: Angola
113. Ivory Coast
114. Lebanon
115. Pakistan
116. Colombia
117. Nigeria
118. Russia
119. Israel
120. Sudan
121. Iraq

All places, you'll agree, with the exception of corruption-riddled Russia, are stacked with 'los morenos'.



Is Manute Bol hiding Sudanese crime between those chopstick thighs?

Wednesday 30 May 2007

The iPhone is too poopular...

Appleinsider are running a report on Apple's target share prices rising along with interest in the iPhone, which is nowhere near as exciting as Google developing an ass-load of apps for it.

Truth is, the iPhone will come out, it'll sell loads, prices will drop, and before you know it we'll all be using "iPhones", that is, slim phones that can do everything better than the iPhone but don't quite have that je ne se qua that Apple's magical device does.

I heard once that there was a pregnant woman on fire, and the iPhone put out the fire and delivered the baby while showering the woman with gold coins. True story!

Tuesday 29 May 2007

Outcry over TV kidney competition

Source: BBC News

So there's a new Dutch TV show where contestants compete for a kidney transplant. Now I know everyone's initial reaction is gonna be "Wow, that sounds brilliant. And not shit." but I ask you. Is it?

I mean really it's just gonna be someone faffing about and then going "Derek, Derek you can have my kidney." Shit someone call the plumber while I puke into the sink in anticipation!!

Surely they could have spiced it up a bit. Like what if one person got the kidney, but then had to defend it next week against another bunch of hopeful transplantees? And maybe they had to wager one of their own organs? Someone could go in just needing a liver and come out needing a spleen and lower intestine, but having 4 bowels.

Well until real life catches up with me we'll have to put up with this shit.

I mean to say


There's a guy in my gym

who looks like Sammo Hung.

I dislike Destructoid, but....

They're spreading rumours like the clap about MGS4 on the X360.

It wouldn't surprise me. GTA was a flat-out Sony exclusive for so long, and it brought in a lot of casual gamers that wouldn't think too much of MGS, and thus a much bigger fan-base for Sony. GTA was THE most important game for Sony, and look what happened there.

We've already seen MGS on a host of other platforms, including the revamped MGS2: Subsistence on the orignal Xbox. So having MGS4 on the already popular, already successful X360 really wouldn't come as much of a shock. Capcom have embraced the machine, thankfully. I can easily imagine Konami following.

OMFG iTs t3H 4li3nZ!

The Augusta Chornicle is reporting on DNA-reasembling organisms.

From the article, "Humans and most organisms can tolerate few breaks in DNA molecules, he said, but kineococcus radiotolerans has the ability to reassemble itself."

While the rest of you are arguing over crap like what colour eyes you want your child to have, I'm gonna be thumpin' the table shoutin', "GIMME SOME O' DAT WOLVERINE JUICE!", because, y'know, they WILL eventually put this stuff in humans.

Monday 28 May 2007

Best Videogame Controllers

Crave, the " All I want for Christmas 365 days a year" blog have posted their top five game controllers.

Make of it what you will. My own personal sentiments are that some controllers work better for certain games, and that the PS1, PS2, PS3, PS3 with rumble controller is lame and kinda defines the term 'tacked-on'. In an age where 3D gaming is the norm, Sony still feel it fit to put the analogue sticks in a secondary position to the D-pad.

My favourite controller? Stick another anaolgue stick where the C-buttons were on the N64 controller. KERPOW!


Edit: Something like this? - Andrew

Second Edit: Actually would this be your dream controller? I like the idea of being able to analoguely pause a game. Sometimes i don't want to abruptly stop the game, more of an ease out. - Andrew


The second pirates of the carribean movie was a bit lame. Gyar! Just testing thiws works

A girl in my class

looks like Cat from Red Dwarf.

But a Japanese version.

Japanese minister 'kills himself'

My favourite part was "Mr Matsuoka had allegedly claimed more than 28m yen ($236,600; £118,300) in utility fees at his parliamentary office, where utility costs are free. He denied any wrong-doing. "

What kind of utilities were they using? Gold-plated rent boys?
r520 blog
see what good will come of it
we shall see won't we

Barry's cynicism

Barry's been too critical of the R520! I say we vote him out! He calls it 'nonsense', and he says my t-shirt of the dragon on a skateboard with the words 'Hip- to be flare!' is 'uncool'. These are scathing attacks on our frinedship and sense of style!
Keep the nonsense out of emails and in here..... genius.

The Punisher

I forward the motion to vote The Punisher as new minister for justice! And not Lindsay Lohan!