Friday 8 January 2010

Hot Word Soup

This is a unique opportunity to see how the Deus Ex Machina behind the R520 works. Or doesn't work. "Gave us extra washing machines", more like. We tried to make a post about how to take care during these icy, snowy days. But instead all we got was a pun run... We miss you all dearly, so I'm posting it.

dr_faulk: I want to post a new blog about surviving the snow and ice. Any ideas?

SadRyu: I'm too busy growing.

dr_faulk: Snow points for that one.

Paulus maximus: Ice what you did there.

dr_faulk: I smelt that one coming...

Paulus maximus: I thawt you might say that.

dr_faulk: You always were flakey when it came to these pun runs...

Paulus maximus: Yeah I'm snowman for these puns allright.

dr_faulk: Seems no one else is getting involved in this. I'm off. Chat to you sleighter.

Paulus maximus: Yeah we seem to have frost the others.

Flightrisker: Sorry I was sleeting my lunch.


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